The Blue Door Album

We are passionate about everyday worship! Here is a collection of simple songs written and recorded among laughter and tears, sunshine and sorrow, celebration and solitude in the space we share together called home – if you listen carefully you might be able to hear our daily soundtrack of the dishwasher, children playing, buses and birdsong in the background!

We live in a neighbourhood which is characterised by a strong sense of community and creativity and recently discovered that around a hundred years ago our house was inhabited by a series of ministers who were part of the Primitive Methodist movement. These were radical charismatic revivalists fuelled by passionate prayer who experimented in worship and were known as ‘ranters’ because of their hearty singing in the streets! We want to follow in their footsteps and continue to draw from our rich heritage so have included some reworked hymns alongside some modern day psalms and spiritual songs.
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These songs reflect both the holiness and homeliness of God, of us being welcomed into God’s house among a holy community and of God’s company touching us here on earth. We hope these simple songs can be used as prayers to accompany the highs and lows of everyday life and sung in the home with friends as extended family together.

It was great to be joined by the amazingly talented Green family for this project along with friends who are often to be found hanging around at our place and who love the presence of God. Please visit Andy’s and Wendy’s website to find out more about Cornerhouse Productions.
Thanks to Kim Gribbon, who captured some of the sights around our home. Please check out Kim’s website to find out more about his passion for photography. 

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